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One of the population groups that is the biggest barriers facing people with disabilities, "many of the actions of public policy attention to people with disabilities, caregivers, caregivers and families are founded on two misconceptions: first, take disability as a homogeneous phenomenon, ignoring the countless achievements that can reach a human being disabled if the State in fulfillment of its obligation to provide an inclusive treatment to this vulnerable population, ensures the right tools; and, second, the idea of ​​disability as synonymous with failure, why people with disabilities, in the best case, they are treated as objects of charity, taxpayers do not have the slightest chance of influencing in the development of their own lives, let alone in building the society in which they live and the restoration of their rights. "(Ombudsman's Office). 

The National Policy for the Social Integration of Persons with Disabilities (CONPES 80, 2004) and enshrined in the 1145 Act 2007 and subsequent regulations, seek the participation and promotion of activities in recreation, sport, culture, tourism population in disability status. 

For these and other reasons, the PILOT TRAINING AND ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES, caregivers, CAREGIVERS AND FAMILIES IN THE TOWN OF MARTYRS - BOGOTA DC, this population will help improve its autonomous performance contributing to improving their quality living in an area of ​​individual and group interaction in which using music the physical, psychological, intellectual, economic and social performance of people with this condition are looking for. 

Financial resources are supported by the CONPES 122, whose assignment by the nation is the percentage of the population with special educational needs registered by the official educational institutions.

General Purpose

People working with Disability Status so that through the music and performance of a musical instrument, rescue achieve social skills that have been lost, making them and they develop the skills based on the playful and philosophy of talent; to develop their artistic potential, giving them recognition for their capabilities and specific knowledge and reintegrate in a process to be managers and multipliers them and thus make and exert effective inclusion.

1- auditory discrimination

2- musical and technical musical auditory development.

3- homemade instruments.

4- Games dances, rounds

5- mounts musicals

6- theatrical productions.

7- Language stimulation

7- Dance therapy.

8- Improvisations.


Joining: administrative efforts, Technical, Financial and Human para run PILOT PROJECT TRAINING AND ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT FOR DISABLED PEOPLE IN CONDITION IN THE TOWN OF MARTYRS - BOGOTA DC, within the implementation and inclusion of disabled Public Policy Caregivers , carers and their families, training and Creating Artistic, Labor and creative skills; By the Organization and UN Workshops and a group of characters to be physically, cognitively impaired Developing Disability Program of Martyrs Parish musical trials.


I GERMÁN SABOGAL with S.C. 14.238 million Ibague, yes obligation in particular a train UN group of people living in disability, community of the town of Martyrs Present mentors committed itself to implement the following activities, with the use of the following resources:

Thematic Units

Rhythmic development:

Thin, thick, sound levels, Motor coordination, Motor dissociation description spatial location, movements Free and certain (Agogia), pulse motor accent.

Auditory development:

Auditory discrimination (environmental sounds and / or produced intentionally instruments, industrial sounds), glissandos, Qualities of sound: duration, pitch, timbre, intensity. Physics of sound: light, color, smell, taste. / Synesthesia.

Vocal expression:

Awareness voice. Tuning and auditory memory.

Basic technical vowel breath, utterance, speech, vocalization, joint.

Intonation. Musical notation and reading: spelling.

Music Appreciation:

Families instruments, vocal groups and / or instrumental instruments making workshop.

Instrumental expression:

Complementary workshop and experimentation timbre, applying the theoretical and practical concepts seen in each workshop or instrumental ensemble.
Población Objetivo
Target Population

Population Status of Disabled People , caregivers, caregivers and their families.

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